You May not Experience Diablo 2 Without Trying the Ecstasy a minimum of When

Ecstasy is actually an d2 items   as a result of its own one-of-a-kind energy: a 1% possibility to modify the wearer right into Level 50 Bone tissue Fetish when struck. As well as what might be extra interesting than that?


A Reins along with 3 sockets

Runes: Lem + Ist + Io


Degree Demand: 51

1% Opportunity To Directed Amount 50 Delirium When Struck (morph).

6% Opportunity To Directed Level 14 Thoughts Blast When Struck.

14% Possibility To Directed Level thirteen Fear When Struck.

11% Opportunity To Cast Level 18 Baffle On Happening.

+2 To All Skill-sets.

+261 Protection.

+10 To Stamina.

Fifty% Bonus Gold Coming From Monsters.

25% Better Odds of Acquiring Magic Products.

Amount 17 Attract (60 Charges).

1% Odds To Cast Degree fifty Ecstasy When Struck.

The Ecstasy Runeword is actually the only Runeword that provide this mod.

Delirium is a spell, as well as when it sets off, will definitely enhance the wearer of the reins into an amount fifty Bone tissue Fetish for concerning 1 moment.

Bone Proclivities are actually the small, easy small undead located running underground in Action 3, who are well-feared for the damage they can easily cause when they burst.

Fortunately, your character, as a Bone Proclivity, will not be taking off.

The disadvantage to become a degree 50 Bone Fetish is actually that you can certainly not direct spells, consequently this is actually a huge charge for wheels (apart from the Druid, that is actually still able to direct his Armageddon spell while in Bone Fetish form). The only spell you can do as a Bone tissue Fetish is actually a melee attack: a head butt. Therefore, this isn’t that large of a disadvantage for melee characters.

Note: A Druid can enhance back coming from the Bone Fetish kind by using the Monster or even Werebear Skills.

6% Opportunity To Cast Level 14 Thoughts Bang When Struck.

14% Odds To Directed Amount 13 Fear When Struck.

11% Opportunity To Directed Level 18 Baffle On Hitting.

These mods may activate quite often, as well as when you foes are maimed with Mind Burst, Terror or Puzzle, it assists since you personality is after that: not receiving smash hit and also your opponents are certainly not as helpful in eliminating you.

+2 To All Skill-sets.

Just 3 Special commands have this mod: Buffoon Crest, Ordeal’s Veil and also Andariel’s Visage. Those commands, especially Harlequin Crest, are extra attractive to gamers because of the better convenience of the mods on all of them.

Nonetheless, if you do not possess some of all of them and also still yearn after the +2 To All Capabilities, just wear a reins with the Runeword Delirium in it.

25% A Lot Better Chance of Obtaining Magic Things.

A great bonus for your MF manages.


The principal explanation for players generating this Runeword in a helm is actually since they don’t possess Harlequin Peak, Headache’s Shroud or Andariel’s Visage but, however still prefer the +2 To All Skills that Ecstasy grants.

There are some gamers who locate this a valuable Runeword for the helm being actually utilized through their Merc, specifically on a Process 2 Mercenary along with the Jab Skill-set. This is actually as a result of the various potential Confuse, Mindblast and also Terror sets off, which will most definitely assist the Mercenary remain alive for a longer period of time.